Why apply with Laurel Bell?

Additional Information


~ Laurel Bell is a RECA (Real Estate Council of Alberta) Registered and Licensed Mortgage Specialist working with Verico Complete Mortgage Services. She is also  Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist and has won numerous 
~ A Mortgage Specialist is a lending professional who works independently, as an intermediary, between financial institutions and you!
~ As a Mortgage Specialist, Laurel has access to a wide variety of mortgage lenders to offer you more choices as a consumer and borrower (over 30 lenders to choose from). ~ When you work directly with a bank, you are restricted to Only the products and services offered by that specific lending institution.
~ Laurel has consistently been a TOP performer in her lengthy career, winning numerous service and sales awards and she continues to receive Rave reviews from her clients for her  Excellent Service!
~ Laurel does not work directly for any financial institution - she works directly for her clients and always keeps Your best interests in mind by matching you up with the best  mortgage product to suit your specific needs. 
~ When you work with Laurel, she will submit your information to the lending institution on your behalf, and will work with you from start to finish throughout the entire process and after!
~ Working with Laurel Bell can save you time and money as she will keep you up to date on what is happening in the marketplace and with the current mortgage interest rates! 


A list of documents that are needed for a new purchase


An employed individual


  • Application: Please call Laurel and she can  Immediately start the process by updating your  application information over the phone with you!
  • Copy of most recent paystub.
  • Employment letter stating your  position, income, and tenure. (*for those clients who earn additional  income from overtime/bonus or shift differential etc.; 2 years Notice of  Assessments can be used to access the higher income.)
  • Copy of personalized bank or investment statements to verify down payment funds; (90 day history is required.)
  • OR A  Signed gift letter for funds gifted from a family member. (proof of  funds from the "Giftor" is required, as well as confirmation that funds  have been deposited to recipients accounts.)
  • Name and phone number of your real estate lawyer.
  • Copy of a void cheque for your mortgage payment account.

Self employed individuals:


  • Copy of 2 years income tax returns. (T-1 Generals)
  • 2 Most recent years Personal Income Tax Notice of Assessments
  • Copy of statement of business activities (for proprietorships), or 2 year business financial statements for limited companies.
  • Copy of personalized bank or investment statements for down payment. (90 day history is required.)
  • Name and phone number of your real estate lawyer. 
  • Copy of void cheque for mortgage payment account.

Once you have made an offer on a new home you will also need to provide:

  • Copy of the signed and accepted offer to purchase.
  • Copy of mls listing agreement or plans and specs for a newly built home.